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January 16, 2012

Woman banned after cruelty to more than 20 of her horses

Stories like this are really what motivates me to support World Horse Welfare. A 65 year old woman has been banned from keeping horses for life after keeping horses in horrendous conditions for an extended period of time. Horror stories in this case include keeping 12-15 decaying carcasses of horses in a shed, horses being indiscriminately bred and starved, some to death.  World Horse Welfare has rescued the horses and some have already been re homed. To keep supporting this kind of work, please Donate! (Full Aritcle)

January 7, 2012

The Challenge

So, before my challenge begins I just wanted to let you know a little reasoning behind my challenge. I’ve become phenomenally lazy-it’s too easy to just put on the TV instead of picking up a book. So my challenge is simple-read 100 books this year- all in aid of World Horse Welfare (donate above). The challenge will officially start on the 16th of January 2012 and finish on the 16th of January 2013. Included in this challenge I will also be giving up television for lent! All support is much appreciated and I hope you enjoy!