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May 27, 2012

OMG you haven’t read that

Mostly so that I can shock some of my poor readers, who seem to falsely believe that I’m actually quite well read, I felt the need to share some books of shame. Book lovers seem to be in a silent, unwritten war to be the better read- not only in the number of books consumed but also in the quality of them. So here are some OMG you haven’t read that moments that have ocurred recently.
1. The Bell Jar– This classic is number one on my list simply because there is a movie adaptation coming out soon and, as you should always read the book before the movie, I need to read this. Also because a friend of mine swears by this book and if I don’t read it he may murder me.
2. 1984– As this book is one that is constantly being quoted by everyone on the planet, and is supposedly
3. The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy– Everyone I speak to is raving about this book, so maybe I should read it too! It’s not really up my street, but with so many people raving about it, I should make the effort.
4. Catch- 22– A fellow blogging friend- wantoncreation– says that this is undoubtedly his favorite book, which means that I really should read it at some point. But I simply haven’t. Just not gotten round to it.
5. Charles Dickens– It’s not that I haven’t read him, more that I have never managed to actually finish him. Ever. I bow to his literary prowess, but I can’t seem to really get into his stories. Then again, it’s been just under a decade since I tried, so maybe it’s time to try again.
Anyone have any books that they are slightly ashamed of having not read?