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April 30, 2012

Kindle v.s. Spine

My parents got me a Kindle for Christmas and thought my initial excitement was based mostly on a desire to stop carting around the masses and masses of university books which I take everywhere, a fellow book-loving friend was disgusted. I had offended the name of decent book readers everywhere. I was scum, bowing to popular demand. Her disgust was palpable.

Several months have passed since then, and whilst I still feel that her feelings are somewhat unneccessarily vehement, I have come to the following pro and con list for kindle..

Kindle pros

  1. Price– when you can get pretty much all the classics completely free, I’d say that is a good deal
  2. Speed– you can get books instantly whilst you’re sitting in bed sipping tea.
  3. Portability– I travel a lot, and (as previously mentioned) need large university books for studying- the kindle makes this much, much easier and less painful.
Kindle cons
  1. Feel-I miss the feel of reading a book, of holding it open and just devouring it’s contents.
  2. Smell-I miss the smell- Old book or new, the smell of books is amazing.
  3. Magpie-I can’t add the book to my collection.
  4. Spines-I  miss looking at spines on my shelf. The lack of books in my room is just sad
  5. Pride-I like people admiring my literary prowess when I’m on trains and planes. Like yes, I am reading Dostoyevsky, deal with it.
  6. Breaking-I miss breaking in a new book. The moment when you open that first page and the spine makes those thin lines. I miss that.
  7. Emotions-If I read a bad book, the bad emotions related to that book means I don’t like even looking at it. So whether I re
  8. Availability-Not all books exist on the Kindle. Which is frustrating.
  9. Bookshops- Because I have a Kindle, going in to a bookshop and buying an actual book feels a little wasteful-not cool.

The truth is, kindles are practical. They make my rather nomadic lifestyle, my sad bank account, my university work and my reading habits all co-exist in glorious harmony and right now, I have no intention of giving it up. But one day, when I have the money and my own home in which to display my glorious books, I will probably go out and buy the books I most enjoyed on my kindle- just to put them on my shelf. True story.

What are your thoughts?

April 21, 2012

Books and Beasts


April 11, 2012

Why Libraries Suck.

I couldn’t agree more.


I know, it’s basically book-lover blasphemy, but I think it’s about time I came clean: I do not like libraries.

I’ll give you a moment to control the shock and confusion you are no doubt experiencing as you read this – a reader who ISN’T obsessed with an establishment whose sole purpose is to supply the general public with an endless supply of FREE books? What nonsense! But seriously, hear me out.

My first issue with this whole book-borrowing infrastructure is that I like to keep my books. Even the ones I don’t particularly enjoy reading. I guess I can’t call myself an actual ‘collector’ because my books are hardly in mint condition (let’s just say ‘well-worn’ would be a huge understatement…), but my bookshelf is definitely a source of pride in my life. Whenever someone enters my room they are smacked in the face with everything I have ever…

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