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January 3, 2013

Just so you know….I haven’t died….

Hello Hello my lovely readers! Happy New Year!

Yes, I can see you looking at me in that judgemental fashion, raising your eyebrows. I can almost hear the offended tone of ‘Where HAVE you been’. I apologise. Unfortunately, the final year of university is something akin to being tortured with a phenomenal lack of sleep and the creeping fear that the work may, in fact, never end and thus, no time for blogging. However, I am back (cough…to ask for your money) because I have genuinely missed blogging but also…because….I HAVE FINISHED MY CHALLENGE!! woo! Yes, I have finished 100 books. I kind of feel like I’ve been on a mental marathon, and there were times I was fairly certain I wouldn’t manage to finish but I have!

I shall be writing a few blog posts on varying aspects of finishing the challenge but would like to take this opportunity to ask…welll…for your money. It’s not for me! As those of you who have been following for a while know, I started my blog and my challenge hoping to raise money for the charity World Horse Welfare (info all over my blog). So far I’ve raised 251 pounds, but I would greatly appreciate it if you would contribute anything on my justgiving page. Horse welfare might not be high on your priority list but here are some reasons its high on mine:

1. Horses are still needed to support people’s livelihoods in many countries. Unfortunately many of these people do not know a great deal about proper horse care and this leads not only to bad conditions for the horses but ultimately, to a much less capable working animal for the person. World Horse Welfare supports these communities and animals in their work.

2. The lack of high profile is precisely why I wanted to raise money for World Horse Welfare in the first place. Horses are often associated with the very wealthy and it is assumed that horses are usually animals that benefit from this wealth. However, this is not always so, as there are many cases of serious mistreatment of horses within the UK. Dogs and cats that end up on the streets are quickly picked up and cared for. A horse in a lonely field that very few pass will often go unnoticed for a very long time, and this is why we need World Horse Welfare.

3. They’re cute! Cummon!

I would also like to thank those of you who have commented and not stopped following despite a 6 month long absence and those who have joined more recently!

With a big hug for you all!


March 4, 2012

30 day book challenge- Day 7-Most underrated book

Tathea and Come Armageddon by Anne Perry are like Marmite- you either love them, or you hate them. In my case, I absolutely loved them and because they’re not particularly mainstream, I would definitely define them as the most underrated books I can think of. As usual (with the best books I’ve read) they was given to me by my mother for Christmas. Following in the theme of books like The Pilgrim’s Progress, the book is highly allegorical with Christian themes. Although sometimes a little difficult to follow and fantastical, the books follow the story of Tathea, a queen who looses everything in a palace coup and then undertakes a journey which is clearly an allegory for Tathea’s finding of God. A lot of people find the book of Mormon references difficult to swallow and follow, but being religious myself this wasn’t the case.

What is particularly interesting is actually the author’s story. Anne Perry was born Juliet Marion Hulme and along with her friend Pauline Parker killed Parker’s mother in order to stop the pair from being separated- the story was the centre of media attention for years and as made into the film Heavenly Creatures. Both girls did time in prison and years later Perry is now a Mormon and a prolific writer. I think what I find interesting is that whilst she writes crime novels this appears to be very much the story about her own spiritual life. Anyways, definitely the most underrated book I can think of, something worth at least taking a look at.

February 28, 2012

30 day book challenge- Day 4- A guilty pleasure book

I have a dirty secret. Two dirty secrets actually. My guilty pleasure books (or more accurately series) are in fact Nancy Drew and Little House on the Prairie. They are beyond cliche, about as intellectual as a goldfish and not the kind of thing I intend on putting on my CV or telling anyone else about (unless very intoxicated), but I have a very deep love for Laura Ingalls Wilder’s books and anything written under the name Carolyn Keene. They’re painfully famous so there’s no real need for me to surmise them here, but suffice to say that even now I do occasionally pick up a Nancy Drew/ Little House on the Prairie and settle down to a good, if somewhat vapid read.

February 11, 2012

30 Day Book Challenge

So, a fellow blogger had this idea which I’m going to shamelessly copy (I hope he takes it as a compliment), but still giving him due credit! Visit his blog (its awesome) and keep reading to see what my 30 book in the categories mentioned are!

Wanton Creation

Okay, so I don’t really know if challenge is the right word for this, but anyway. Basically I have seen this floating around in other people’s blogs and such, and thought it was kind of a cool idea, so I’m going to give it a go as well. Each day I just have to write a small blog post which answers a number of topics about my book reading habits, as follows:

Day 01 – Best book you read last year

Day 02 – A book that you’ve read more than 3 times

Day 03 – Your favorite series

Day 04 – A guilty pleasure book

Day 05 – A book that makes you happy

Day 06 – A book that makes you sad

Day 07 – Most underrated book

Day 08 – Most overrated book

Day 09 – A book you thought you wouldn’t like but ended up loving

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