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May 1, 2012


May and June holds special significance for the university population. It’s exam time, and as it is the first of may I am painfully aware that I am on the cusp of this ever dreaded exam period. So I’m afraid my lovely readers and followers that I shall be posting much much less regularly as I prepare myself not to fail in a fantastically epic fashion. So a semi hiatus for the next month and a half. There will still be some posts but not really on a daily basis. Don’t forget me! I will be back! 🙂

April 23, 2012

3 reasons…

3 reasons I love blogging…

I think it’s safe to say that no one blogs regularly unless they enjoy it. I can think of no other reason to take time out of your day to ramble on in the hopes that someone, somewhere in the masses of people on the planet, actually gives two hoots about what you’re writing. But here are three concrete reasons I find it awesome.

1. It makes me a better reader

I’ll be honest, up until January this year I had pretty much shelved (terrible pun in the making, be warned) my reading habit. It became a thing of the past like- I used to read a lot when I was little. Although I stubbornly refused to relinquish my title as a book-lover I  was only reading 5-10 non university books in a year. Setting myself the challenge, and blogging about it, has motivated me. It shows me when I’ve been neglecting my loving paper friends. Like when, at the end of lent, (bearing in mind that Lent is 40 days and 40 nights) I had only actually COMPLETED one book. I had read many books, but not finished them. Terrible, but it made me get a move on. Without this blog I could hide my book shame, but I couldn’t. Because one of my readers would catch me out, would remind me that my goodreads counter was dangerously low.

2.  I meet people

I always thought blogging about books would make me a better reader but I never expected to meet so many lovely people. Can’t really get better than being able to connect with people who have similar interests.

3. It makes me a better writer

Like most book worms, I entertain often elaborate fantasies about writing and publishing the next big thing, pushing J.K Rowling off her Potter pedestal and having writers bow to my literary glory. When I return from the land of unlikely fantasies, I am often faced with my blog. It is here that I babble inanely about anything and everything that comes to mind and whilst I’m hardly the next Austen, blogging makes me more fluid, more engaged, less worried about what people think and more concerned about what I enjoy. And somehow- that seems to interest people too, making my writing dreams become just that little bit more likely..

So there are my three reasons. What are yours?.. 🙂

April 12, 2012

Some Changes…

Well, I’ve been running around (metaphorically obviously) updating my blog a little and making plans for future updates- most likely over the summer when my brain is less mush-like and I have more free time. After a brief but painful spat of writers block (or bloggers block, not sure) I have slowly been coming up with some new ideas and a bit of structure to jazz up the blog. For those of you reading regularly I’m now going to do ‘Frivolous Fridays’- every friday I shall hopefully be posting a quote, video, book joke, something silly really just to keep life a little bit interesting- nothing particularly different from the odd quotes and other random things I post, just that now this will regularly be on Fridays-starting tomorrow. 🙂 From now on I shall also be including a short synopsis of all the plots of the books I read because I find describing plots really rather tedious 🙂