The Reader Appreciation Award

Hello Hello my lovely readers! I haven’t posted in almost a month and I have missed you all! Well, my return to actually posting cannot be better announced than by an award I was nominated for by my most loyal blogger the lovely fellow over at Wanton Creation. The award is pretty simply for being a loyal and regular regular reading of his blog which is really not a difficult job considering his content is so awesome.

Anyways, as always the rules are to link back to the blog which nominated you, to nominate some loyal leaders and also to say what you’ve been up to recently.

Well, what have been up to? In a word- studying. And when I was done with that I studied some more. Then I went to sleep, woke up, studied. Ate some ice cream. Studied some more. Once I finished my exams I spent quite a large amount of time doing nothing much other than sleeping which was most excellent. Last week I also competed in a riding competition which was incredibly fun though utterly exhausting and after spending some time catching up with friends and organizing my summer plans I can happily say that I have been looking forward to blogging and reading again 🙂

Anyway, now to nominate some loyal readers, whose blogs I also highly recommend! (If I haven’t mentioned you, it’s just because there are so many of you! who to pick?!)

1. Wanton Creation

2. Akephalon Muse

3. Persephone

4. Literary Tiger

5. Thoughts on my Bookshelf

6. Books and Bowel Movements


9 Comments to “The Reader Appreciation Award”

  1. Thank you so much dear! I love how you say ice cream and studying is what you did. I feel like I ate so much more ice cream during exams (Half-Baked was my favorite). One good thing is my school used to have puppies to pet in our student center to help students relax after exams. No one really went except for me and my friends but who doesn’t want to pet a puppy! : )

    • That is absolutely the best thing that I’ve ever heard! I want my uni to get puppies! I shall demand it! 🙂

      • You should! It’s so cute because they bring them from the humane society and let them out of their cages into this big room and you’re allowed to just go up there and play with them. So it works out for puppies and students!

      • I think that’s an amazing idea! Animals are so calming! I am suggesting it, immediately.

  2. Congratulations! 🙂

  3. Bet you’re looking forward to summer relaxing after all that studying and ice cream eating! 😀
    Thanks for the kind words, by the way! 🙂 Looking forward to seeing more blogs from you!

  4. (I could swore I commented with a thanks and a squee? Are WP AND LJ eating comments now? o_o; )
    Thanks so much! ❤

  5. I think I forgot about this nomination. Forgive me. 🙂 Thank you so much for nominating me!

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