Some Changes…

Well, I’ve been running around (metaphorically obviously) updating my blog a little and making plans for future updates- most likely over the summer when my brain is less mush-like and I have more free time. After a brief but painful spat of writers block (or bloggers block, not sure) I have slowly been coming up with some new ideas and a bit of structure to jazz up the blog. For those of you reading regularly I’m now going to do ‘Frivolous Fridays’- every friday I shall hopefully be posting a quote, video, book joke, something silly really just to keep life a little bit interesting- nothing particularly different from the odd quotes and other random things I post, just that now this will regularly be on Fridays-starting tomorrow. 🙂 From now on I shall also be including a short synopsis of all the plots of the books I read because I find describing plots really rather tedious 🙂


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