Why Libraries Suck.

I couldn’t agree more.


I know, it’s basically book-lover blasphemy, but I think it’s about time I came clean: I do not like libraries.

I’ll give you a moment to control the shock and confusion you are no doubt experiencing as you read this – a reader who ISN’T obsessed with an establishment whose sole purpose is to supply the general public with an endless supply of FREE books? What nonsense! But seriously, hear me out.

My first issue with this whole book-borrowing infrastructure is that I like to keep my books. Even the ones I don’t particularly enjoy reading. I guess I can’t call myself an actual ‘collector’ because my books are hardly in mint condition (let’s just say ‘well-worn’ would be a huge understatement…), but my bookshelf is definitely a source of pride in my life. Whenever someone enters my room they are smacked in the face with everything I have ever…

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