I am suffering from a serious ailment. It plagues me every time I open my blog, fogging my brain with it’s dirty tendrils. The dreaded, malicious, brain draining…writer’s block. My struggle to unblock my creative channels is quite mammoth in proportion and I know not what to do! Writers block hits everyone of us at some point but I wish it didn’t arrive at such inoportune moments! Even though I have arrived back from my holiday and should be feeling refreshed and revived, ready to face my blogalicious future, I feel positively uninspired, and dejected. My ideas for blog posts are dwindling at a massive rate and it’s really quite frustrating. My sentiments are accurately expressed in the cartoon to the left of this writing. If anyone has any cool ideas for what I could occupy my blogging thoughts with (well books obviously, but in what format?) then this would be most heartily appreciated. Until then, I shall attempt to soldier on and entertain you with my wit (aherm) and charm (single raised eyebrow). Happy reading! ๐Ÿ™‚


8 Comments to “Suffering…”

  1. I know how you feel – I stumbled into the same problem at the end of February, so much so I had to let my blog posts drop from the 7 or 8 a week I was doing to the 3 or 4 a week I now currently write.
    For me, I just raid my bookshelves for ideas on blogs. Obviously as I read books I can do new reviews, but in the intervening posts I seem to be looking at books by type and genre, so I have found myself looking at my history books, my neurology books, my silly books, my classic books, and so on. And now this month I have found myself caught up in poetry writing month, so I have a couple of poetry related blogs each week to try and do. And of course I occasionally try and write blogs to stir the pot a little, like that one where I admitted the books I hadn’t read (which turned out to be my biggest blog post ever in terms of hits and comments, it still draws attention now, weeks later).
    Anyway, I’m rambling (again). The point I was getting to is just to write what you know, as with everything. I used some of my favourite posts from the 30 Day challenge as a springboard into other books and authors that were related, so maybe try that? Lists of things are always popular too (bookaholics are almost always listophiles), and oddly I find just talking about books I have bought even gets people interested?
    You are a great blogger, so don’t panic – it will come to you. We have all been there with the blogger’s block…

    • I’m actually totally into the list thing at the moment, I couldn’t imagine my life without some good lists and I’m planning on a list of maybe the best books in the year or something, working on ideas now ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. The first thing that comes to mind is Chuck Wendig’s many many points about the subjectโ€”one of which is write ANYTHING, even if it’s nonsense, just as it pops into mind. Somewhere in the mess is *le gasp* a topic. It’s worked for me.

    As for reading, he pops to mind here too. Irregular Creatures (a short story collection of his) is a good one.

  3. I’m with the ones above. Just write anything and make lists. Always work for me. You could always write about things that are not directly about books, maybe about music in relation to books. Make soundtracks for books, that is always fun and book-related lol.

    Hope the writer’s block gets better.

  4. My biggest fear when writing new blog posts is that if I force myself to write, it will sound forced, and nothing’s worse than reading something that was clearly written without motivation – in other words, I can totally relate. I guess I do things a little differently than most bloggers since I only post once a week, if that, but I say wait until you have something to say and then say it with some heart and (for lack of a better word) oomf! behind it. lol.

    but you shouldn’t have to wait too long! in my experience ideas tend to find you pretty quickly when you open yourself up to them.

    • I’ve actually been really tempted to cut down the number of times I post just because I think it might be nice to concentrate on one epic post for the week rather than lots of little small ones, but I’m a bit like a bird, I like things in bite size chunks. That said maybe I would write better if there were fewer posts ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you for the advice anyways!

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