The Return of the Bimbo

I’m back! Yes, it’s me. Holiday over, returning to blogging and university. Going to classes= painfully difficult. The Bimbo is back in the beautiful, brainy blogosphere, bursting with bimbosity? I’ll stop with the alliteration and just say a hello to everyone again! Hope to reconnect and see what everyone’s been getting up to over Easter as well as recommence my reading extravaganza. Two months until the glorious summer holidays begin- I don’t believe I could be more excited! 🙂


3 Comments to “The Return of the Bimbo”

  1. Hope you enjoyed your holiday, and hope university isn’t too difficult to return to (ooh I remember that feeling, hahaha).
    I wish our summer holidays were in the middle of the year sometimes. Stupid reverse Aussie weather…. 😛

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