The end of the challenge…

It’s only taken me to literally till the last day of March to finish my 30 day challenge as I got distracted by numerous picture posts and other such things which I ended up posting instead- oops! Anyways, I hope you’ve enjoyed it, and as I’ve left you hanging on the books I’ve actually been reading for my challenge, the next few days will be dedicated to the books I’ve been reading whilst babbling about books from my past! The Challenge is going well, and you can view my progress on the Goodreads widgets on the side. Something about giving up television suddenly frees up one’s reading schedule. Thanks again to wantoncreation for giving me the idea for the challenge, and don’t forget to donate for World Horse Welfare.


One Comment to “The end of the challenge…”

  1. Was awesome to read through your 30 day challenge! Am looking forward to seeing what you have been reading in the meantime, now. 🙂

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