30 day book challenge- Day 21- Favorite book from your childhood

The Famous Five, The Secret Seven and Malory Towers- all favorite books from my childhood- and all written by Enid Blyton. What can I say, the woman understood how the young mind works! I remember piling these books on my bedside table, curling under the covers with sweets and a cup of hot chocolate and just ploughing through them until the tiny hours of the morning when drooping eyelids would finally force me to sleep. I loved both the Famous Five and the Secret Seven for their mysteries, a bit like my guilty pleasure Nancy Drew (only much much better) and Malory Towers because, being an only child, I was always secretly enamored by the idea of boarding school and the thought of an extended friend- family. I still re-read some of these books to this day and whilst the prose is nothing to write home about the characters and stories are as vivid to me as they ever were. Not to mention that they were the pre-cursors not only to my actually going to boarding school but also to reading Agatha Christie- what more can you ask for!


5 Comments to “30 day book challenge- Day 21- Favorite book from your childhood”

  1. It’s amazing how much of an impact those early books make on us! I still remember some of my favorites (which I have hunted down as an adult). Some of the writing ain’t great, but it invokes those memories of just curling up with a good book. 🙂

  2. Wow! Someone else who has read Malory Towers! I haven’t met many people online who have read Enid Blyton’s books, so it’s really awesome to find another reader! Have you read the Twins at St.Claire’s as well?

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