30 day book challenge- Day 18- A book that disappointed you

When I read Kate Mosse’s Labyrinth I honestly couldn’t have been happier. What started off as an aeroplane read turned into this amazing, mystical experience. So when I picked up Sepulchre, the second in the trilogy I was understandably excited. However, as is often the case in both literature and cinema, the second in the series did not grip me with the same fervor as the first. Whilst still well written there was something, I am unsure exactly what, which was missing. Something which left me feeling empty and frustrated once I had finished instead of full of excitemet. I have placed the summary of the story bellow (taken from goodreads) as I read it a while ago and can’t quite remember the exact details. In short- good, but disappointing read considering the first novel.

“In 1891, young Leonie Vernier arrive at the home of a young, willowy, and beautiful aunt in southwest France. Villagers claim that Leonie’s late uncle died after summoning a demon from the old Visigoth sepulchre on its grounds. More than a century later an American graduate student, arrives to the same town while researching the life of Claude Debussy. There, a pack of Tarot cards and a piece of 19th-century music known as Sepulchre 1891 hold the key to her fate just as they did to the fate of Lonie Vernier.”


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