30 day book challenge- Day 14- Favorite book of your favorite writer

As I stated that my favorite author was Emily Bronte and the poor lady only wrote Wuthering Heights, it seems to follow that my favorite book from my favorite writer is ultimately Wuthering Heights. The story is ridiculously famous (and rightly so) so I won’t insult anyone’s intelligence with an all-encompassing description of the plot- suffice to say that Catherine and Heathcliff’s (what’s not to love about a guy call Heathcliff!) doomed romance always pulled at my heart strings. Possibly because there isn’t really a happy ending, contrary to many other stories in this era which, although they beat their characters up a bit, ultimately see them happy in the end. This story is full of suffering, grief and regret- which whilst more brutal, are much easier to relate to and thus much more endearing. And of course, because I feel the need to cast my lot into the age-old debate, I do consider Wuthering Heights to be a better book than Jane Eyre.


5 Comments to “30 day book challenge- Day 14- Favorite book of your favorite writer”

  1. I just read both of these again back to back, and I cannot bring myself to choose which one I like most. I love reading about the Bronte sisters. I’ve always wondered what amazing work Emily could have produce had she had the chance. I also have questioned whether or not Charlotte would have felt the need to write if her sister Emily had lived.

  2. Oooooh what a controversial statement! lol. To be honest Jane Eyre has always stuck with me more than Wuthering Heights, but that might be because I studied Jane in school. I would love to do a university course on all of the books by the Bronte sisters (my mom did a few years ago and to hear her talk about it made me so jealous) – such an interesting family with such an impressive body of work between them!

    • A course on all the sisters? That must have been great! I would love to do like, a comparative literature course on them, I think that would be what is really amazing. Sadly, I just have to do this crazy thing people do which is finish my degree, life’s hard 🙂

  3. One of my favorite books too! 🙂 I haven’t read Jane Eyre yet, but it’s waiting for me on my bookshelf.

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