30 day book challenge- Day 13- Your favorite writer

Emily Bronte is my favourite author of all time. (Or at least top 3) I think I’ve always been captured by the tragedy of such a spectacular author only having written one novel before her death, and having had to do it under the pseudonym Ellis Bell (names were so boring back then). Whilst all the Bronte sisters were clearly excellent romanticists it’s Emily that I prefer to all the others. She’s one of those writers who make me wonder if she could ever have topped her herself with a second novel, not to mention that I’ve always wanted her missing manuscript to be found. Altogether spectacular in her writing style and character exploration, Emily holds a special place in my heart.


2 Comments to “30 day book challenge- Day 13- Your favorite writer”

  1. Out of the Bronte sisters, she is my favorite as well. I love Wuthering Heights. It may have been her only novel but it is fantastic.

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