30 Day Book Challenge Day 10 – Favourite Classic Book

For a blog that combines both my love of literature and my love of horses, it has taken rather a while before I’ve written about a book with horses. But on the 10th day of this challenge, with my favourite classic book on the line I must admit that it is Black Beauty that fills this spot. The front-runner of all later horsie based novels, Black Beauty was the reason I wanted a black horse through pretty much all of my childhood (much to the joy of my parents). Written by Anna Sewell, Black Beauty follows the life of a horse from being a foal through numerous adventures and owners. Other than being a great way of teaching children animal rights, and how to treat horses this book, for reasons unknown to me, remains my favorite classic- perhaps not the most sophisticated novel, but still beautiful and classic nonetheless.

Wanton Creation

I remember many years ago, before I had truly delved into classic literature, my view of it – I believed that it was all kind of the same, and that together it formed this kind of wall of intelligent writing and thinking which I figured people either break through or they don’t. Of course, now a bit older and wiser, I know this is a load of nonsense, but I think what has really made reading some of the classics a joy over the last few years is just how much each of them vary, and just how timeless many of these stories really are.

The Picture of Dorian GrayThere is one classic though that has really captured my imagination more than the rest, and has also managed to inspire my writing in different ways. The Picture of Dorian Gray, the only novel ever published by Oscar Wilde, caught me off guard when…

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2 Comments to “30 Day Book Challenge Day 10 – Favourite Classic Book”

  1. I must confess (don’t hate me) that I haven’t read this book. I think my sisters have, though, quite possibly. I only currently have the Spike Milligan interpretation of this book, which I kind of want to read after I’ve read the real thing anyway, so I can appreciate the humour more.
    Will have to add this one to the list, as well. If only reading could be a paid job. That’d be the life…

    • It’s ok if you haven’t read it! I find mostly guys don’t enjoy it as much, but I feel some classics just have to be read anyways. Also yes reading for money would be my ultimate job. ever!

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