30 day book challenge- Day 8- Most overrated book

The Prophecy of the Stones is the perfect example of one of my pet peeves- books that are published due to the author’s age and not their literary prowess. Much like a previously reviewed book Legacy, The Prophecy of the Stones was woefully bad. I bought it because of the hype surrounding it only to find that I was possibly the most bored any human has ever been in their entire existence. Other than the fact that this is one of the few books I’ve ever really struggled to finish, the whole three girls fulfilling an ancient prophecy in order to save a land called Fairytale is about as original as the evil stepmother plot. So in short- most overrated book. Ever.


4 Comments to “30 day book challenge- Day 8- Most overrated book”

  1. I used to love it! But yes, I remember trying to get an adult to read it and they couldn’t get past the first page.. perhaps then its best left to a younger audience.
    I still think its a great achievement, though, for someone so young to have a book published.
    I wore out my copy reading it several times over a period of a few years so it does appeal to some people.
    I may try reading it again to see what I think now….

    • I think you have to be at a certain mental and emotional age to read this book, but you’re right, it’s a huge feat to have a book published at such a young age, but in truth I couldn’t stomach it. Unlike books like the hunger games there just seemed to be no real substance to it, it just felt very hollow because the person writing it hadn’t actually experienced certain emotions, she could only describe what she had read in books, so it didn’t really create an impact, for me anyways! 🙂

  2. I have never even heard of this book before but if I see it, I won’t pick it up.

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