30 day book challenge- Day 7-Most underrated book

Tathea and Come Armageddon by Anne Perry are like Marmite- you either love them, or you hate them. In my case, I absolutely loved them and because they’re not particularly mainstream, I would definitely define them as the most underrated books I can think of. As usual (with the best books I’ve read) they was given to me by my mother for Christmas. Following in the theme of books like The Pilgrim’s Progress, the book is highly allegorical with Christian themes. Although sometimes a little difficult to follow and fantastical, the books follow the story of Tathea, a queen who looses everything in a palace coup and then undertakes a journey which is clearly an allegory for Tathea’s finding of God. A lot of people find the book of Mormon references difficult to swallow and follow, but being religious myself this wasn’t the case.

What is particularly interesting is actually the author’s story. Anne Perry was born Juliet Marion Hulme and along with her friend Pauline Parker killed Parker’s mother in order to stop the pair from being separated- the story was the centre of media attention for years and as made into the film Heavenly Creatures. Both girls did time in prison and years later Perry is now a Mormon and a prolific writer. I think what I find interesting is that whilst she writes crime novels this appears to be very much the story about her own spiritual life. Anyways, definitely the most underrated book I can think of, something worth at least taking a look at.


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