30 day book challenge- Day 3- Your favourite series

I have this habit of leaving books on my shelf for a long time before actually reading them, and The Song of the Lioness quartet was no different- the first book-Alanna, was a present for my 7th birthday but I didn’t read it till I was at 10 or 11.  From that moment on I was hooked, and devoured the rest of the quartet immediately, continuing to read Pierce to this day. The series is set in the fantasy realm of Tortall (think medieval europe with magic thrown in) and follows Alanna- a young girl who switches places with her twin- Thom so that she can learn to become a knight and he can learn to become a magician. Alana is a wonderful heroine- flawed, but strong, not always perfect and thus very real and surprisingly- not cliche. The book follows her journey to knighthood with a sprinkling of romance, lots of action and some really very good writing. I still re-read these books on a regular basis and they remain (as to the other books written by Pearce about Torall) my favourite fantasy books of all time. (I love them more than Potter).


2 Comments to “30 day book challenge- Day 3- Your favourite series”

  1. Great blog and I love the layout, hey I will friend you on good reads today too.

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