Kreative Blogger and Versatile Blogger Awards

So valentines day was quite eventful for me (in a good way) and one of the lovely surprises that I got was a nomination by fellow blogger wantoncreation whose blog makes me giggle rather a lot and whose tastes in literature seem to be quite similar to my own. It was flattering and very kind and really it’s just so nice to know that my ramblings are appreciated. The award is given by fellow bloggers who think your blog is Kreativ (yes with a K) and Versatile.

So there are rules for these awards (which seem to have merged into one award?)  Basically, I need to post ten random facts about myself, and then nominate some fellow bloggers, who then go on and do the same. So here we go:

1. I am that annoying person in a group who corrects people when they speak. In particular I am rather overly concerned with the correct use of ‘I’ instead of ‘Me’. It is a just a reflex I have no control over, but is a constant source of annoyance to my friends.

2. I have never had a nosebleed. When everyone else in primary school had to stuff toilet paper up their nose at least once, I have never had that issue.

3. I used to have the disgusting habit of dipping bread into milk and eating it. My friends loathed this habit, but for a few years it was a favorite treat- I don’t know why- especially as I too, now find it gross.

4. I got my first grey hair at 17- damn you genes!

5. I like sleeping in the cold and getting wrapped up in blankets. When I was a child, I used to live in warm third world countries and in just about all of them I would sleep directly in front of the AC and wrap myself up in blankets- I think it’s something to do with not liking being uncovered at night.

6. I can speak/read/write, four languages- Portuguese, English, Spanish and French. It is my dream in life to also learn Italian, German,  Mandarin, Arabic and Russian.

7. I can (and have) stayed in pyjamas for long periods of time doing nothing but reading for as long as week. Don’t worry, I shower and change pyjamas, but real clothes are not approached. I enjoy my books and my bed more than the outside world.

8. I’m very slow to anger, with the exceptions of when my mother is involved (its like she has a switchboard with all my anger buttons), and when people make racist comments- I have to make a genuine effort to control myself, and even then I struggle not to just scream at them and wring their neck.

9. I once pushed a bully down the stairs when I was about 8. (don’t worry, they’re fine!)

10. I love dreams and dreaming, even nightmares- it’s just nice to escape from the world, like your own-personally-constructed film in which you star, produce and direct. I particularly enjoy the ones where I develop the ability to fly.

Blogs to nominate for the awards:

1. Wantoncreation

2. Persephone’s Winged Reviews

3. Book’d Out

4. SunnySide ‘Shlee

5. Books & Bowel Movements

So, I hope you weren’t excessively bored to death by my rambling facts, enjoy! 🙂


6 Responses to “Kreative Blogger and Versatile Blogger Awards”

  1. Haha, glad that my silly little blog makes you laugh 😛
    I loved your facts, by the way! I know exactly what you mean with number one. Number three…not so much, haha. Number five I can certainly understand, living in Australia where it tends to be hotter in winter than most of the world is in summer. I am totally in awe with how many languages you can speak, that is just downright impressive! And I love your take on dreams – oddly enough though, I almost never remember my dreams. I don’t know why, but I just don’t. I often wonder what I dream about…either it’s super exciting, or outrageously dull.
    Anyway, thank you again for the re-nomination, and glad I could add something nice to your day – you have a great blog and I certainly enjoy everything you do on here! 🙂

  2. Thanks for the nomination! 🙂

  3. Lol. My sister used to dipped her bread in orange juice (and I’m almost certain she still does).

    I like dipping bread in milk, it’s good. If you can dip cookies, you can dip bread. Thanks for the nomination.


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