There are books that should just never be published. For the good of literature everywhere. Legacy, by Cayla Kluver, is undoubtedly one of those books. I wrote recently about a book called Daughter of the Forest, which I found cliché, but its faults pale in comparison to the immense amount of just awfulness that this book has to offer. The plot follows Alera, a princess in the fictional land of Hytannica who must ascend the throne on her 18th birthday. However, as a woman, she must marry before she may do so. Her father’s only approved choice is Steldor- a boy whom Alera despises. The reader is then subjected to an incredibly whimpy heroine and a derth of anything actually happening in this novel. Safe to say, I’m reviewing it not to add to my 100 book work count but just to warn fellow book lovers that it is awful.

It’s only saving grace is that the author, Kayla Cluver, was only 14 when she wrote it. As anyone can tell you, a writer can only write what they know and what she knew at 14 clearly wasn’t very much- so for that she is forgiven. What is more, for a 14 year old, the piece is frankly spectacular, and I am certain that in time her writing style will improve. The real blame should lie with the publisher in allowing someone with such a terribly naive world view (who can blame her) to actually publish. That said, when the second and third books come out I will still make an effort to read them- Cluver is not without talent, and perhaps as she matures, so will her writing.


3 Responses to “Legacy”

  1. Wait, did you say 14 years old? OMG, that is simply amazing. I would pick this book because of the cover but thanks for the warning that the heroine is going to be whiny and have a naive perspective of the world.

  2. i know its a bit mad that’s she’s only 14. I can’t even remember what i was doing at 14.


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